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AZ® Metallbau GmbH was founded in 1994 as a family business, an event that laid the foundation for today's company with its own production (production area 1,500 square meters). Consistent, continuous further development through our own utility models and patents generated innovative products for the high-quality properties sector.

The focus was initially on the double-rebate frame series of rounded and edged faces, as well as on frames for installation flush with the wall. In 2002, the development of single-leaf and double-leaf smoke and fire safety elements was accelerated; here, AZ® Metallbau GmbH, in cooperation with leading door leaf producers, is a force in the T30 + T30 RS properties sector (approved according to EN norm, approved according to VKF in Switzerland).

For several years, AZ® Metallbau GmbH has cooperated closely with the Berchthold Group of Switzerland, one of the leading producers of aesthetically superior fire safety innovations. The synergy resulting from this cooperation makes AZ® company the specialist for impossible cases, which do not remain impossible thanks to close cooperation with well-known architects. Using this experience, AZ® company has developed into a provider of systems in the properties sector – this is also shown by the new compact prefabricated window system InWin.

In November 2007, AZ® Metallbau became part of the corporate group Baustoff + Metall Vienna. With 88 branches (as at April 2016), we can offer our customers a comprehensive consulting team. Because of this merger with B+M Wien, the path for AZ® Metallbau GmbH to become an effective and reliable company for our customers has been cleared.

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